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British Petroleum in the Philippines

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While we continue to develop our lubricants, marine, solar, gas and power businesses in the Philippines, we’re also helping to regenerate the fragile environment around us
What we do
The Philippines is an archipelago composed of more than 7,000 islands spread over 300,000 square kilometres in the western Pacific Ocean. This island nation, home to a growing population of 85 million people, has also been home to BP Philippines, Inc. since 1986.

Today our interests are mainly in lubricants, marine and solar energy chemicals businesses. Gas and power are other important areas we are looking into.

Our work primarily revolves around the distribution and marketing of Castrol lubricants for consumers, and for commercial, industrial, and marine market channels. We import the bulk of our products from Malaysia and sell them through a network of distributors nationwide.

BP Solar has also made an impact in Southern Philippines, where we’ve started one of the world’s largest solar power projects. Phase 1 was completed in May 2005 and now benefits around 40,000 households composed of about 240,000 individuals living in the remotest and most inaccessible locations in Mindanao. Phase 2 is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed Q1 2007.
Our people and partners
BPPI’s office is based in Makati City while the BP Solar Project Office is in Mandaue City, Cebu. Between our lubricants and solar businesses we employ 53 people, including one expatriate under BP Solar.
Community investment
The Philippines is described as not just a conservation ‘hotspot’ but the ‘hottest of the hotspots’. Many conservationists are warning that without immediate help the Philippines is on the brink of a major crisis.

That is the reason why a lot of our community efforts here are focused on the environment. For example, BP Holdings, which owned part of Bataan Polyethylene Corporation until 2005, founded the Bataan Coastal Care Foundation in 1998. Our work provided funding and support for a community-based coastal regeneration programme for Bataan, strengthening and protecting the environment with regular coastal clean-ups and the regeneration of the mangrove forests.

Our work is not limited solely to the regeneration of the environment, but also includes charitable works in the Philippines. Every month of December we sponsor a day to help a particular charity with its work. In 2005, we also donated 27 sets of furniture to different charitable institutions in Cebu City.
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